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Milling & Cleanouts

Rangeview’s reliable, experienced and well trained tool-hands provide a variety of milling and cleanout services along with total peace of mind. Our downhole tools have field-proven records of performance and reliability in all milling applications, and that translates to reduced rig time resulting in lower costs. Our performance tools work in Frac Port Milling, Composite Plug Milling, Cement Milling, Confirmation Runs and Motor Cleanout (Sand, Wax & Scale).

Downhole completions and well intervention products

Rangeview Thru Tubing Tools and Services Inc. (Rangeview) announces that the company has entered into an agreement with Baker Hughes, providing Rangeview with access to state-of-the-art equipment in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada. This includes best-in-class permanent, inflatable, straddle and retrievable packers; permanent, drillable and retrievable bridge plugs; as well as other completions, workover and remediation equipment.

Specialty Operations

Rangeviews unique benefits to the Thru-Tubing, intervention, fishing and abandonment industry, providing advanced solutions to a wide range of oil and gas operatons. Through examining customer needs, we provided many innovative and technical solutions such as the governed rotary wash tools, extreme reach anti-friction tool, and many more tools unique to our industry. All designed and incorporated to improved our customers ROI.
With a proactive approach to the ever-increasing market demand for well-engineered solutions Rangeview is the leader in specialty products and services.

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Our brochure features a list and specifications of many of our standard tools. We are always adding new ones, so get in touch if you have specific requirements.

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