Our Products

Performance and dependability

Rangeview’s tool-hands employ the best products in the oil patch to deliver on our promise of service excellence. 

Every product we use is tested to ensure Rangeview can deliver maximum value for our clients when they partner with us. We continually evolve our product lines to stay at the leading edge of technological advancement in the field, so you can be rest assured that partnering with Rangeview means you always get the best tool-hands with the latest technological capabilities.

The Tools We Use

RV Big Horse Motors

Out in the field, nothing matters more than performance and dependability – an understanding that’s clearly evident in Rangeview’s broad selection of motors. Our RV Motors are engineered to maximize performance, horsepower, torque and durability. Rangeview offers a broad selection of reliable and durable motors that are top choices among coiled tubing and directional drilling operators. Our power sections range from 1 1/2” to 3 1/2” in diameter, but we can customize each to meet your operating requirements.

FDC Connectors

Rangeview is committed to meeting the standards of today’s coil solutions. We are proud to offer the very best in engineered and dependable products at the forefront of innovation. Our internal connector is engineered with the largest internal diameters in the industry allowing higher flow rates and more options for downhole operations.

Motorhead Assembly Components

Rangeview’s Motorhead Assembly combines Twin Flapper Check Valves, a revolutionary Hydraulic Disconnect, Circulation Sub and Burst Port Assembly as standard components. Our Motorhead is the shortest in the industry; fewer connections mean less chance of backoffs. It is also field proven to withstand harmonic vibrations. The Motor Head Assembly’s compact design gives overall length saving over conventional individual components. This makes for a highly efficient tool!

Rotary & Multi-Jet Wash Tools

Our line of rotary wash, multi-jet and governed tools delivers effective pressure jetting and circulating operations for cleaning without damage to your well bore. We provide powerful equipment to maximize productivity with the quality of service our clients demand. Engineered to meet the rising demand to eliminate scale, paraffin build-up, plugs, asphaltene and failed linings, Rangeview’s rotary and wash tools are arguably the best tools on the market. 

Bottom Hole Tools

Rangeview has invested significantly into building an inventory of down-hole milling and cutting technology. Our broad selection of Bottom Hole Tools offers you the right tool for the right application and provides you with a one-stop shop. From casing scrapers, rotating casing scrapers, cleanout tools, junk baskets, reactive torque swivels and more. We continuously source and engineer new methods and products to help you succeed more efficiently and economically. 

Mills, String Mills & Drill Bits

Rangeview’s engineered RV Mills, Drill Bits and PDC Bits provide a durable cutting structure capable of tackling the most demanding milling and drilling operations. Over the past several years, our mills and bits have ensured our customers receive fast and dependable ROP. Rangeview’s broad selection of Bottom Hole Tools offers you the right tool for the right application and provides you with a one-stop shop.

Download Our Brochure

Our brochure features a list and specifications of many of our standard tools. We are always adding new ones, so get in touch if you have specific requirements.